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  Date: 30 / Mar / 2015
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StealPips | Steal Pips
Factsheet & Review

stealpips | Steal Pips

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Forex Trading Robots


Forex Trading Robots
( Meta Expert Advisors that can trade on its own
without any user intervention )
(Compare to other related products)
  • StealPips forex robot is launching on 30 Mar '10
  • Live trading results are available on the homepage
  • Past Trading Results include:
    - $1,000 to $1,631.81 in 16 Days
    - $5,000 to $8,542.24 in 27 Days
    - $10,000 to $23,045.79 in 112 Days
  • Monthly softwares updates are promised by the developers. Helps in trading any market conditions encountered
  • The 2 trading algorithms programmed are completely new and unique

    1. Automated Price Action Recognition (APAR) : Uses Price Action analysis to analyze and forecast short and long term market behavior

    2. Trend & U turn Points Detector (TULD) – Helps to forecast and determine market trends turning points
  • StealPips works on two different timeframes for diversification:
    Shorter timeframe – performs intra-day trading
    Longer timeframe – hold on to trades for more than 1 day

    Uses this short/long diversification method on 2 currencies
  • Programmed with Stealth Mode / Broker Protection
  • Supports 5-digit brokers.
  • Supports ECN-type brokers.

Advantages of StealPips

  • Protects and Maximise your capital usage with popular diversification methods using LONG + SHORT term timeframe trading
  • Further enhances this diversification effect by using it on 2 currencies at one time
  • You can verify the trading performance using the LIVE results available
  • Able to adapt to any market conditions as the developer promises to update the software every single month
  • Additional programming to hide important parameters like stoploss from brokers' sabotage
Recommend trading capital
Package Contents
  • StealPips expert advisor
  • Access to membership area with the following :
    1. Trading Tutorial Videos
    2. Installation Guide Videos
    3. Bonus Products
    4. FAQs
  • Free monthly updates for life
Traded Currencies
2 Currencies
Preferred Timeframe
To be confirmed
Avg Profits Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets
Avg Stoploss Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets

Who would benefit from Steal Pips

Those who:
  • Wishes to see the LIVE trading results on daily basis before purchasing
  • Prefers vendors to actively update their software on a monthly basis
  • Have benefitted from forex robots that adopts short and long term timeframe trading
  • Wishes to spend minimum time trading and prefers an automated trading software
  • Do not want to spend more than a hundred dollars on a decent forex robot
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Refund Policy
60 Days Money Back Guaranteed
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