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  Date: 25 / Apr / 2015
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Forex Nuke
Factsheet & Review

forex nuke

forex nuke icon Visit Forex Nuke
Forex Robots

Forex Robots
( Meta Expert Advisors or automated forex trading software
that can trade without any users' intervention )
(Compare to other related products)
  • Only a limited copies of Forex Nuke releasing on 2009 before official launch on 2010
  • The results over the 1 year trading period was a 4500% return on the testing capital. The $10k capital was turned into $450K.
  • Strategy looks promising as the robot can strike consecutive wins as high as 40 and maximum 3 consecutive losses
  • An average winning rate of 86%. 160 wins vs 25 losses.
  • Using a pure EURUSD trend trading system
  • The average loss is 2x of the average win.

Advantages of Forex Nuke

  • You are getting the best bang if you trade with a small amount of capital. Forex Nuke has been proven to increase one's capital as much as 45 times.
  • You can get it cheaper by $50 if you ordered it on 2009. All improvements on the current version will be free.
  • A $500-$1000 signup bonuses with the Forex Nuke's designated brokers
Recommend trading capital
Forex Nuke
Package Contents
  • Automated Trading Expert Advisor using Forex Nuke trading system
  • Instruction Manuals (installation and operation guide)
  • Instruction Videos (installation and operation guide)
  • Trading Indicators (for manual trading)
  • Free upgrades and updates for life
Traded Currencies
Preferred Timeframe
15 MIN
Avg Profits Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets
Avg Stoploss Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets

Who would benefit from Forex Nuke

Those who:
  • Does not have large capital and prefer to risk small capital for big gains (like the 4500% over 1 year)
  • Like forex robots that can strike a lot of profits and consecutive wins when the trend comes
  • Wants to save $50 from Forex Nuke's pre-launch special price
  • Likes to see professionalism in the design of the vendor's homepage
  • Wishes to spend minimum time trading and prefers an automated trading software
  • Do not want to spend more than a hundred dollars on a decent forex robot
Product Creators

Reputation Lv: Unknown
Success from previous products: NIL


(only 500 limited copies)

Additional Bonuses
  • $395 worth of trading indicators
Refund Policy
60 Days Money Back Guaranteed
Alexa Site Rank
(higher rank = more traffic = more happy customers = pressure to deliver better products ! )
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